7 Best Front-Closure Bras for Shoulder Surgery

Shoulder injuries cause pain and considerable limitations in daily activities, especially when it comes to putting on a bra. But good news: There are better options to choose from such as front-closure bras that provide optimal support for shoulder injuries. So, we've curated a list of the top 7 front-closure bras tailored specifically for shoulder injuries, emphasizing comfort and pain-free dressing throughout the recovery process. Whether you're undergoing surgery or in the post-surgery recovery phase, these bras are the answers to your dressing needs.


1 Liberare Everyday Easy-On Bra

Our rating: ★★★★★

front-closure bra for shoulder injuries


The Liberare Everyday Easy-On Bra is meticulously crafted to cater to women navigating shoulder injuries or undergoing post-surgery recovery, ensuring a seamless experience during the crucial recuperation stage. Its pain-free front closure, specifically designed for easy-on functionality, eliminates the need for over-stretching or reaching behind, streamlining the process like putting on a jacket.

Enhanced by magnetized fasteners, the front closure guarantees a smooth and hassle-free experience, doing away with the challenges associated with fiddly hook and eyes. Boasting both front closure and adjustable straps, this bra ensures effortless wear. The soft and stretchy fabric not only wraps you in comfort and support but is also intricately designed to alleviate pressure on sensitive areas, offering a holistic solution throughout your recovery journey.

 front-closure bra

  • Wireless support up to a G Cup
  • Hassle-free patented front-closure for easy-on
  • Front strap adjusters
  • Perfect fit band adjustability of 4 inches


  • Currently only in black
  • Less shape than underwire bra

★★★★★ - Perfect Post-Op Bra

"I pre-ordered this in time to wear post-op for my shoulder surgery and thank god I did. It's so much less fussy than some of the bras I bought on amazon and cute enough that I'll wear it afterwards. As a G-cup woman, it's already hard enough to find bras that are wireless let a lone front closing. This has been overall comfy and easy to get on, plus I don't feel quite as undressed when running to my outpatient appts"

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front closure bra for elderly women


2 Liberare Cotton Front Fastening Wrap Bralette 

Our rating: ★★★★

 CREDIT: Liberare
  front-closure bra for shoulder injuries  CREDIT:

The Liberare Cotton Front-Fastening Wrap Bralette stands out as another excellent choice for women in search of a supremely comfortable and hassle-free wireless bralette.

Distinguishing itself from others that require being pulled over the head, this bra features a front closure, eliminating the need to lift arms above the head during wear. Drawing inspiration from traditional bralettes, it introduces a front-fastening design, doing away with clasps and hooks at the back. Notably, the bralette is equipped with a lining that provides lift, making it the most supportive and comfortable adaptive bralette in the market.

Crafted from soft and stretchy materials, this bralette facilitates easy movement without causing discomfort or irritation. It stands as an exceptional everyday option for individuals seeking a functional and comfortable bralette that seamlessly integrates into their daily routines.


  • Plunge neckline for different blouses
  • Made from 100% Cotton, super soft
  • Front fastening hassle free Clasp
  • Inner lining to give you an extra lift


  • Bralette rather than a bra
  • More of an everyday comfort bra
  • No band adjustability 

    ★★★★★ - 40B XL Post Surgery

    Purchased post-rotator cuff surgery, paired with the Everyday Easy-On bra. Perfect for lounging at home due to its soft cotton and moderate support. Highly recommended.

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    3 Liberare  The Liberare Bra 

    Our rating: ★★★

     front closure adaptive bra CREDIT:

    Crafted as an adaptive solution tailored for women dealing with shoulder injuries, the Liberare bra distinguishes itself with a host of commendable features.

    Its innovative front-fastening design offers a welcome relief from the challenging task of managing clasps and hooks, ensuring a dressing experience that is entirely hassle-free.

    Meticulously engineered, the bra incorporates a magnetic fastener for its front opening, enabling the fasteners to glide effortlessly and securely lock in place, eradicating worries of pinching or overstretching.

    This wire-free bra is an optimal choice for women in search of a front-closure bra tailored for shoulder recovery, placing a premium on both ease of use and comfort in its front-opening design. Notably different from the Everyday Easy-On Bra, this variant boasts three fasteners and a molded cup. 


    1. Designed with a moulded cup
    2. Wireless
    3. Beautiful lace details
    4. Easy front opening fasteners
    5. Perfect for those with severe limited hand functions


    1. Only available in black
    2. Sizing limitations


    ★★★★★ -Thank you Liberare

    This is AWESOME. I had a stroke and can’t use my left arm. This is the easiest bra to put on. I’m 32 and still want to wear a nice bra so I really appreciate the back lace detail.

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    4 Cotton Front-Fastening Magic Bra

    Our rating: ★★★


    The Cotton Front Fastening Magic Bra is a great choice for shoulder injuries. It's made of soft and comfortable material that feels great against the skin, making it perfect for everyday wear.

    However, it is key to note that this bra uses hook and eyes which can be fiddly and difficult for those that have limited shoulder mobility. But, if you're looking for a basic, everyday bra that offers comfort, the Cotton Front Fastening Magic Bra is the perfect choice for you!


    • Inexpensive
    • Soft Cotton


    • Limited support
    • May be difficult to put with tiny hooks
    • No shape
    • No band adjustability


    5 Playtex Women's Front-Close Bra with Flex Back

    Our rating: ★★

     CREDIT: Platyex

    The Playtex Women's Front-Close Bra with Flex Back is a good choice for shoulder injuries. This bra is designed to provide great support and coverage, while also being easy to put on and take off thanks to its front closure design.

    The bra is structured, yet simple with slight detailing and wide straps, making it a great basic option that still looks stylish. The flex back feature of this bra also ensures that you have plenty of flexibility and comfort, which is especially important for women.


    • Highly supportive for larger bust sizes
    • Full coverage


    • Fussy front-closure
    • No band adjustability
    • Stiff Bra and reviews say it may be uncomfortable for larger busts

    6 Glamorise Plus-Size Front-Close Lace T-Back Wonderwire Bra

    Our rating: ★★★★

     CREDIT: Playtex


    This bra is specially designed to meet the unique needs of women with larger breasts. With a front closure and lace T-back design, it offers easy and comfortable wear and excellent support. What's more, it comes in a wide range of beautiful designs to suit any taste or style. From classic neutrals to bold prints and patterns, this bra has something for everyone.


    1. Plunge neckline for different blouses
    2. T-back design offers superior back support.
    3. Flattering silhouette with breast separation
    4. Many colors and patterns


    1. No band adjustability
    2. Fussy front fastener



      7 Hanes Women's ComfortFlex Fit T-Back Bra

      Our rating: ★★★★

       CREDIT: Hanes



      While it's not a front closure bra, it's incredibly soft and supportive, making it an choice for women who may be dealing with discomfort from recovery. Additionally, the T-back design offers excellent back support, which can be crucial for those who want to avoid back pain.


      1. Provides excellent comfort and support.
      2. T-back design offers superior back support.
      3. May reduce back pain


      1. Not a front closure bra.
      2. Limited clothing style compatibility.
      3. Potential sizing limitations.
      4. Limited style variety.


      In summary, front-closure bras emerge as an excellent choice for individuals with shoulder injuries seeking enhanced support and comfort. When selecting the ideal front-closure bra, it becomes crucial to carefully weigh your specific needs and preferences for a tailored and optimal choice. These bras offer ease in both donning and removal, delivering essential support to alleviate pain and discomfort. Whether you're in search of a fundamental everyday bra or a specialized sports bra, a myriad of options awaits.