How to Use a Front-Closure Bra for Seniors

As we get older, being comfortable becomes more important in various parts of our lives, even in what we choose to wear. Many older women find front-closure bras to be essential as they are easy to use and offer good support. In this guide, we'll take you through the steps of using a front-closure bra, making sure it's comfortable and convenient for seniors.

Step 1: Choosing the Right Bra:

Begin by selecting a front-closure bra that suits your size and preferences.
Not sure on what bra suits you best? Take a look at our Top Pick Front-Closure Bra for Seniors.

Next, measure yourself using a soft tape measure to determine your band and cup size. 
    We've based this how-to to off our Everyday Easy-On Bra which was specifically made to be a front-closure bra for seniors.


    front-closure bra for seniors

    Step 2: Put the bra on

    Front-closure bras
    have been designed to be put on like you would a coat or jacket. This reduces the strain and overstretching of reaching behind or twisting to fasten a more traditional bra. 

    With the bra unfastened, Loop straps over each shoulder, the same way you would put on a vest. Lean slightly forward to allow your breasts to fall naturally into the cups.


      front-closure bra for seniors

      Step 3: Grip Loops

      front-closure bra for seniors
      The Everyday Easy-On Bra was designed with optional assistive grip loops. These loops were designed for those with arthritis or limited hand function who struggle to pinch.
      If you cannot pinch, you can place fingers in the assistive dressing loops, located on each side of the front clasp. Here are 3 ways we recommend using the loops.

      Don’t need the loops? Pull the front of the bra together.



        front-closure bra for seniors

        Step 4: Overlap the magnetic fasteners

        What are magnetic fasteners? At Liberare, we understand that the universal hook and eyes on bras are difficult and fiddly. So, we redesigned the fastener to be magnetic and easy to get on. Our magnetic fasteners are super strong and interlock together. The best part? They do all the work! With an effortless glide, they lock into place making an easy and seamless dressing experience for you.

        Simply overlap the front clasp, and it will self-align when brought close together.
        Allow all 5 magnets to come together at once.


          front closure bra for seniors

          Step 5: Adjusting the Straps:

          Front-closure bras should all have front adjusting straps to get the perfect fit. Check the shoulder straps for comfort. They should sit securely on your shoulders without digging in.

          Adjust the length of the straps at the front as needed to achieve the right fit.
          Straps that are too loose may lead to inadequate support.
          Simply pull on the clasp to get the perfect fit. 


            front closure bra

            Step 5: Wear comfortably all day!

            Thats right! Front-closure bras are designed to be wireless and with sensory friendly fabric meaning it is comfortable and easy to wear al day. With our Everyday Easy-On Bra, the fasteners simply come undone (when you want them to) when pulled apart at a certain angle! Its a really easy and comfortable front-closure bra for seniors.


              There are so many benefits to wearing a front-closure bra for seniors.  Remember to choose the right size, unfasten with care, and adjust for a perfect fit. By following these simple steps, seniors can confidently embrace front-closure bras as a comfortable and supportive wardrobe staple!


              front closure bra for seniors

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