List of the Best Front Opening Bras for Seniors (2023)

As we age, our bras need to do different things for us. Easy to put on bras that are comfortable, supporting sagging breasts and make us feel are all a must. We've compiled a list of the best bras for seniors and ranked them out of 5 on each of these criteria:

  1. Ease of Putting On
  2. Comfort
  3. Support for breasts that might sagging
  4. Elegance
  5. Coverage


Liberare Bra

 This bra is available on Liberare or Aerie online (discounts are available at Liberare for 15% off for all new customers). This bra is by far the easiest to put on this list. For anyone with limited hand dexterity like arthritis, Liberare has snaps that have tiny magnets inside so it glides the bra shut for you. Ultimately it's the snap that holds the bra shut, not the magnet, so you'll be safe all day.


It also has loop grips that allow for the wearer to just slide a finger through and they don't have to pinch. This is great for folks with arthritis especially. It doesn't have the most coverage as other bras on this list but certainly is comfy with it's super soft microfiber.


Easy on snap front bra

Liberare Bra in motion with magnets gliding


Ease of Getting On: 5/5 (Definitely the easiest bra to get on)

Comfort: 4/5 (Incredibly soft and goes up to 3XL)

Support: 3/5 (Best for sizes under 3XL)

Elegance: 5/5 (Clean cut elegant lines with a lace racerback panel for a touch of beauty)

Coverage: 3/5


The Playtex Women's 18 Hour Front-Close Wirefree Bra 

This bra is available at many department stores and online retailers such as Amazon. It is the best for seniors because it has a front-snap closure, which makes it easier to put on and take off. It also has a wirefree design, making it comfortable for all-day wear.

Ease of Getting On: 3/5 (We love the front opening bra but the hook and eye can be troublesome for folks with limited hand dexterity.)

Comfort: 4/5 (Really best for DD and up but not as comfortable for smaller sizes)

Support: 5/5 (Great for Support)

Elegance: 3/5 (It does the job but it's spectacular)

Coverage: 5/5



Glamorise Magic Lift Full Figure Support Bra 

This bra is perfect for seniors with larger bust sizes as it offers full support and lift. It can be found at specialty lingerie stores and online retailers such as HerRoom. Its standout feature is its MagicLift design, which uses a cushioned inner-bust band to lift and support without the use of underwire.


Ease of Getting On: 2/5 (Hooks in the back with a traditional hook and eye)

Comfort: 3/5 (Really best for DD and up but not as comfortable for smaller sizes)

Support: 4/5 (Great for Support overall)

Elegance: 4/5 (Nice lace details add for a bit of flare)

Coverage: 5/5


Amoena Lena Front Closure Bra

 This bra is a great option for seniors due to its front-snap closure and wireless design, which offers comfort and ease of use. It can be found at specialty lingerie stores and online retailers such as Nordstrom. Its unique feature is its breathable, moisture-wicking fabric, which helps to keep you cool and dry.


Ease of Getting On: 3/5 (Hooks in the front might help with limited shoulder mobility but not hand mobility)

Comfort: 3/5 (best for sizes under DD)

Support: 2/5 (Not the most supportive bra especially for bigger sizes )

Elegance: 3/5 (classic sporty style but nothing incredibly elegant)

Coverage: 4/5


We hope one of these bras will work for you or whoever you are buying them for. Is there another list of criteria you would like us to rate bras for seniors with?


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